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SWO Regular Council Session

Feb 7 & 8

11:27 VC finishing his report.

  • Francis Crawford only vote against accepting the VCO report.

11:28 Tribal Secretary Report

  • Has several action items
  • Discussion on Healthy Start office space request.
  • Motion to approve TSO Report: All in favor

11:35 Elderly Advisory Board

  • Presenting motions re: vehicles, housing, education, generators
  • Vehicles are for meal delivery to all Districts.

11:57 Law Enforcement Report

  • Update on recent search for missing tribal member.
  • Questions on jail.  Facility decommission just finalized

12:04 Dakotah Pride Report

12:17 RECESS UNTIL 1:30pm

*** 1:37 Joined Council in session ***

1:30pm Budget Specialist Requests

1:50 THPO

1:54 Fish & Wildlife Report

  • Turkey Season discussion.  Our turkey population is stable.
  • Deer population is stable.  Roadkill is de-boned, ground and available for tribal members.
  • Bylaws approval
  • Question about Buffalo by VC.  Wants an estimate on the cost of a shoulder mount.  The Buffalo program is actually under Realty.

Chairman calls for 20 minute Recess prior to District Chairmen’s Association (DCA) at 2:25.

2:25pm:. Lake Traverse member requesting that the tribe purchase her home and lease it back to them.  BC rep moves to purchase the home and lease it back to the current homeowner.  Chairman declines to recognize the motion stating there is more discussion needed.

*** This is live on the radio**

Council moves to look for funds up to $150,000 to purchase Tribal Member’s home to possibly lease back to her.

2:45 DCA


  1. Heipa reading district motions.
  2. Buffalo Lake district motions

Discussion on Legislative Policy, allegedly authored by Attorney Steve Sandven.  Vice-Chair questioning whether or not the FICA and the LEAVE is a scam anyway.

Chairman tries to cut him off.

VC moves that we follow the initiative.  A 2nd was heard.  Chairman refused to recognize VC motion & Second.

Enemy Swim can’t present their minutes because his minutes are illegible.

Old Agency Chair reads district motions.

Heipa Rep brings up the incongruity of not allowing Sandven to investigate Legislative Policy, yet allowing Paulson to work on his own.

Big Coulee (Alvah) presenting minutes.

Discussion on motion regarding an employment issue.

Lake Traverse Minutes

LTRep moves to appoint Mark Keoke to the Housing Board.

Old Agency reads minutes from December meeting.


  • Does he even have a SD License to practice? (No he does not.)
  • Paulson is non-Indian.  What Native attorneys were considered?
  • Chairman states that Paulson practices under Pro Hac Vice. Learn more about Pro Hac Vice at http://sdlegislature.gov/Statutes/Codified_Laws/DisplayStatute.aspx?Type=Statute&Statute=16-18-2 and https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pro_hac_vice?wprov=sfla1
  • Can we see Paulson’s paperwork where he applies to practice law under Pro Hac Vice?
  • PHV is Temporary and Paulson has been with the tribe for 20 years.  Is that a continuous presence?

Tribal Member talks about denying people motions.  He reminds that the last Council DID remove Chairman Renville for refusing to recognize motions.  See Motion #10 whereupon Chairman Renville was removed for this cause.


Tribal Member speaking.

I asked a few questions.

DCA Chairwoman requests more time to consider Greg Paulson contract.

Chairman states that DCA already made motions.  BC moves to reinstate Paulson.  Motion passed.



**Motion confusion…  Not to not not hire Steve Sandven?***. Rescind a previous motion to not hire?

Motion to Rescind January Motion : Motion passed, 9 for, 5 opposed.


Motion defeated.  (Some Council voted against their District’s wishes.)


4:30pm. VC moves that we enforce the 2012 initiative, sec, ?.

***. Sorry folks, I had to leave.  Daycare, ya know.***







  1. Doesn’t it state in 25 CFR (INDIANS) that judges and attorneys must be certified in federal/state courts? No wonder we have executives removed by unqualified judges and attorneys!

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