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All this discussion about flash drives, digital spreadsheets, data privacy, and data security has me thinking…

Do you ever wonder how much digital data an individual person, business, organization or government either produces or uses in one day?  Exactly what is “data”?  How is it transferred and made useful to us?  How can we keep our data safe?  Where is this data stored? How much data has been created already and what do predictions look like for then next 5-10 years?

Digital data permeates every aspect of modern society.  Individuals, small businesses, corporations and governments create and consume staggering amounts of data every minute.  Check out this infographic from Visual Capitalist.

To read the full article, click this link: What happens in an Internet Minute in 2016.

HOTOKECA will be presenting a series of articles discussing the history of data, digital data basics, The Internet of Things, the Cloud, digital ownership and privacy, and how digital data is organized, stored, transferred, and secured.

The series will end by looking at how the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate can participate in the Digital Universe. What kinds of employment and business opportunities are available to individuals? What skills, training or education is needed? How can we as a Tribal Nation actively shape the Digital Universe through innovation and entrepreneurship?  Developing our presence in the Digital World will diversify our economic development portfolio, create profitable partnerships and leverage our sovereignty to benefit us all.

We cannot afford to let the future pass us by, and the Future is Digital.


(Are you a SWO Tribal Member and an Information Technology professional?  Become a team member of HOTOKECA Digital Media and help with this exciting series and project.  Contact me at nic.ringer@hotokeca.com)


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