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DCA Meeting at 5pm

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7:00pm. Adjourned

6:30 Re:. Megan Cooks house in Sisseton – Council moved to purchase it for $135,000 (the appraised value is around $53,000.)  Why didn’t it go through DCA, RPC or Housing?  Council apparently plans to make it into a Youth Center.

6:25pm Re: $1 to Districts.  Districts requested $1mil each, Dave offered $2.5mil to the Districts.  OA said put money in an account for 6 months to draw interest until decided.  Need a jail.  Grocery store in progress.  DCA meeting with TC on Feb 21 to discuss.

6:13 Chair says to think about this path we’re going down.  When JC was removed there was documentation inches thick.  Are we really going to remove Donovan over petty shit?

6:00 – much discussion about the flash drive.  Chairman Kirk doesn’t know why his District made a motion.  Then he read Dawn Burley’s email citing 4.1 and 4.8.  Finally!! We know!!!

Stay Tuned.

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