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March 2017

SWO Politics

Official Charges Against Vice-Chair

The Official Charges PLUS Two Bonus Charges . ADDITIONAL CHARGES SERVED LATER Click VCDW_Removal_Charges_10Mar2017 to review the entire 78-page document including “exhibits”.  I received this copy a while back but was asked not to post them because (a) Council had not seen them yet (how did they vote to suspend/remove then, is what I wonder), and… Keep Reading


My Thoughts by Sisoka Duta

Hau Mitakuyepi, Sisokaduta emakiyapi do. Owas’inna cante wasteya nape ciyuzapi do. Damakota. Bde Hdakinyan oyanke ed imacage. Mihunkake kin Sam k’a Jennifer ewicakiyapi do. Hena nupin Bde Hdakinyan oyanke etanhanpi. Wanna de Cekpa Otunwe deciya wati do. Wanna de omaka wikcemna yamni sam zaptan wahehanyan deciya wati do. Mis waniyetu wikcemna yamni sam masahdogan. Dakota… Keep Reading

Build a Data Center

I propose that the SWO build a Data Center utilizing the settlement funds we recently received. What is a Data Center? A data center is a physical building that is connected to the Internet. Inside the data center are multiple computer servers and other equipment needed to store, manage and process massive amounts of data. The… Keep Reading


SWO’s Computer Use Policy

I have copied Section 4.8 – Network Security for Portable Devices for your review.  I’ve read this section a million times.  I have stopped strangers on the street and read it to them and then asked, “So, would this policy apply to a flashdrive?”  Every Single Person has answered “no, it would not – because… Keep Reading

SWO Politics


  SWO Tribal Vice-Chair Donovan White suspended pending Removal by a Chairman Flute-led Tribal Council What heinous misdeed occurred to warrant such a drastic stomping on the Will of the Oyate? A staffer used a $3 flashdrive to analyze non-confidential budget information. IKR – WTF?! This solid middle finger to the voters just makes one… Keep Reading

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