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SWO Tribal Vice-Chair Donovan White suspended pending Removal by a Chairman Flute-led Tribal Council

What heinous misdeed occurred to warrant such a drastic stomping on the Will of the Oyate? A staffer used a $3 flashdrive to analyze non-confidential budget information.


This solid middle finger to the voters just makes one wonder what Chairman Flute et al. are so desperate to hide. Chairman Flute’s own top political appointee, has a half-million dollar judgment against him from a settlement agreement where he allegedly “misused” Tribal funds. Another Tribal Member, twice-indicted for embezzlement, has been bragging about this removal for weeks (before a month of office was even complete!). Who’s really pulling the strings?

Our government will never serve the Entire Oyate as long as the honest, progressive Leaders (Like Donovan and former Chairman Bruce Renville,) elected by the Oyate are removed for such foolishness.

A $3 flashdrive. A poorly written IT Policy. A disgruntled employee stirring the political pot. Alleged monetary kickbacks, promised board appointments, housing purchases without following policy, Tribal attorneys (Senior Tribal Attorney is the Chairman’s sister) who twist the words of Policy and the Constitution, and a $30,000,000 loan done in secret and concealed from the People.

Is this what the Oyate wanted when they elected Donovan to bring accountability and transparency to the Tribe’s Finances?

Stay tuned to www.hotokeca.com for further updates and documents.

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  1. Nothing within our tribal government should ever surprise anyone…,change is needed , has been for an all too long a period of time ., But whenever we get a glimpse of it., It gets removed…,that in itself speaks volumes.

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