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SWO’s Computer Use Policy

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I have copied Section 4.8 – Network Security for Portable Devices for your review.  I’ve read this section a million times.  I have stopped strangers on the street and read it to them and then asked, “So, would this policy apply to a flashdrive?”  Every Single Person has answered “no, it would not – because flashdrives don’t have personal firewalls or anti-virus protection”.  There are links below that will bring up the “Computer Use Policy” in its entirety and the SWO Personnel Policy Manual.


4.8 Network Security for Portable Devices


Portable devices offer staff the ability to be more productive while on the move. They offer greater flexibility in where and when staff can work and access information, including information on our network. However, network-enabled portable devices also pose the risk of data theft and unauthorized access to our network. Any device that can access the network must be considered part of that network and therefore subject to policies intended to protect the network from harm. Any portable device that is proposed for network connection must be approved and certified by the IT department.

Protecting the Portable Device

In order to qualify for access to the Tribal network, the portable device must meet the following conditions:

  1. Network settings, including settings for VPN, must be reviewed and approved by IT support personnel.
  1. A personal firewall must be installed on the device and must always be active. Recommended firewall software is Zone Labs’ ZoneAlarm, Norton Internet security and Windows Firewall.
  1. Anti-virus software must be installed. Software must have active scanning and be kept up-to-date. Recommended anti-virus software is Norton Antivirus, AVG Antivirus, and, TrendMicro.

Portable Device User’s Responsibilities

  1. The user of the portable device is responsible for network security of the device whether they are onsite, at home, or on the road.

2. The user of the portable device is responsible for keeping their anti-virus scanning software up-to-date at all times. It is strongly recommended that they update their anti-virus software before going on the road.


SWO Computer Use Policy


2015 SWO Personnel Policies with Revisions




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