Mission, Vision and Values – Where does the SWO Stand?

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What is our government’s Mission? Where does the SWO want to be in 20 years? What are our Values?

I’ve looked at our Tribal website at http://www.swo-nsn.gov/ and I don’t see any mention of Mission, Vision or our Values.  This is part of our problem and dysfunction.

Without these definitions that steer the organization in a positive direction, all we have is chaos. You may think of Mission, Vision and Values as something only a business or corporation needs, but every organization – even tribal government – needs direction and a solid understanding of what we, the Oyate’s Tribal Members expect from our Leadership and employees.

Without a Vision, we have no direction and cannot set goals or create a strategic plan for the future. We have a Planning Department, but what is their purpose?  It’s not their fault because they have no direction.  Are we going to shoot for becoming a Premier Grocery Store Chain in South Dakota/the Upper Midwest – cool, let’s do it!  But, why did we buy Councilman Beaudreau’s property – fondly known as the Blue Stump Inn? How did that fit into our Mission, Vision and Values or overall Strategic Plan?

Mission, Vision & Values

The Mission, Vision and Values statements are the very core of an organization.  They define scope of the organization, inspire employees to future goals, and clearly state the values of how the organization does business.

  • The Mission Statement describes the reason and focus of the organization’s existence.  Have you ever wondered why you come to work?  Employees should know why their work is important to the organization.  In fact, every employee should know by heart the Mission of the place they work.
  • The Vision statement provides inspiration for future goals. Where are we going?  What will we look like in 20 years?
  • Values are a framework for how the organization will behave and describes the beliefs of the organizational culture.  The stated values of a charity or not-for-profit organization would have very different values than a corporation looking to maximize profits.




Potawatomi Business Development Corp has a neat paragraph that simply states “Our Mission”, but you can find all the elements of Mission, Vision and Values, and the statements are well-defined.  Here’s the paragraph broken down into the three components.

Mission:  To generate wealth and improve the quality of life for the Tribe by making strategic investments, acquisitions and prudent asset management decisions.

Vision:  Resources generated by PBDC and its holdings will help diversify the tribal economy that supports Forest County Potawatomi’s tribal government and helps improve the lives of tribal members… [by] building an economic engine that supports the Tribe for generations to come.

Values:  Trust – Support – Integrity – Mutual Respect


IMAGE CREDIT AND LINK: http://www.winnebagotribe.com/Diverse and talented Tribal workforce has helped to grow our capabilities and uphold our traditional values. They solve the most complex problems with a forward-thinking power.

As “Ho-Chunks” (Winnebago) working together nothing can prevent us from achieving our dreams and visions to once again be self-sufficient and economically self-reliant.

HONOR – TRADITION – PRIDE:  proud heritage, a unique culture, an illustrious history, a distinct language and beautiful music; these are the foundations upon which our lives as Ho-Chungra are based.

Looks like Mission, Vision, Values to me.

A Strong Foundation

These three statements are absolutely important to creating a solid organizational foundation within which to develop strategic plans, to create operational performance metrics and goals, and to creating a strong and positive culture. Without them, decisions have no clear direction, objectives, or goals, which means no future to aspire to, and no values to guide leadership and employees in their decision-making process. The organization needs these three statements to create short-term and long-term strategic plans, and the organizational culture is shaped significantly by these underlying principles.

Submit your ideas for Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate’s Mission, Vision, Values in the comments either here or on HOTOKECA’s Facebook page.  Be bold!  We can do whatever we want – truly.  We’re an innovative, talented Nation of people. Let’s go from “Blue Stump” to something more ethical and innovative that benefits all of the Oyate.


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  1. According to Proverbs 29: 18, “Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, but happy is he who keeps the law (instruction)”. With the removal of former Chairman Bruce Renville and the recent removal of Vice Chairman Donovan White, the lack of vision by tribal government and leadership has led to unrestraint behavior of not following written policy and procedures and has led to the quite a few people not being happy about following policy and procedures. Chairman David Flute and his administration, in particular, have the fingerprints on a number if excess spending without Council motions. False charges levied against Vice Chairman White could legally apply to Chairman Flute.

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