Addressing HIV/AIDS: 3 New Cases in Quarter One

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According to the recently released “South Dakota Health and Disease Summary”, The Northeast Region of SD had only 3 new HIV cases in the first quarter of January-March 2017, and the number of cases in Roberts, Marshall, Day, and Grant were five (5) or less for each county.  Codington County has 8 cases of HIV/AIDS.  All health care practitioners and entities are required to report new cases of HIV/AIDS to the Department of Health within 3 days, so the data on the DOH website is current.

If you have concerns about your status, Get Tested! Twenty-five percent (25%) of people do not know they have the HIV virus, and can unknowingly pass it on via sexual encounters or sharing needles.  Along with preventing new HIV Cases, early diagnosis leads to early treatment and better outcomes over the course of the patient’s life. So Get Tested!




Sources:  South Dakota Department of Health:



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