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SWO Secretary Crystal Heminger Resigns

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Secretary Crystal Heminger resigned her elected position effective December 8, 2017. No official statement has been made as to why, although the geyapi is that Chairman Flute had a number of charges as basis for Removal if she didn’t resign. Although the charges don’t matter <cough> JUMP DRIVE<cough>, it would have been nice to see what lunacy the Chairman came up with as a basis for Removal.

Whatever the reason for her resignation, the loss of two Executives – the Vice-Chair and the Secretary – in less than a year after the election, points to a serious lack of Leadership by Chairman Dave Flute. These two executives were voted in by the Oyate via General Election, and we expect the Chairman to work well with the team he’s given.

Jeez, this is getting downright embarrassing. We’re a Nation, not a junior high school. While this is a “Resignation”, and not a “Removal”, this is the third Executive Loss that Chairman Flute has been involved in – Chairman Bruce Renville (Nov 2015), Vice-Chair White (March 2017), and now Secretary Heminger.

Weird, huh?

Stay tuned as the story unfolds.


  1. The resignation of the Tribal Secretary does raise lots of questions, and most of them are directed toward the Chairman. Two elected Executive Offices by the Oyate, but the Chief’s main concern still seems to be the tribe’s name and not the integrity behind the name. With more and more of his family members and supporters finding their way into cushy jobs – Chief Nepo – for nepotism comes to mind

  2. In this weeks Sota your chief said that the Great Plains Tribal Chairmans recently honored him by asking him to pray and sing for the tribal chairmans and veterans.

    In mid June 2017 I went into the Dakota Connections to eat, Chief Dave was sitting with Marcisse Lufkins, I sat down with them and the Chief says, “You sure got the balls to sit here. So, jokingly I said, “Ya just ask Narcisse how big my balls are.”
    Narcisse and I are always teasing each other about whose got the biggest balls when it comes to playing the moccasin game.
    So, the Chief and I exhange some verbal barbs, and I got up and went into the gaming area.
    A few minutes later your Chief comes into the gaming area, I was talking to Devon Burshiem Johnson, and the Chief says, “you sure got the guts or balls to be talking to Devon after all you said about Eddie Johnson, then after we exchanged a few more barbs he calls me a Piece of Shit.
    I never every had a convo with the Chief about Eddie Johnson, however I have said things about Eddie and the rest of the council on facebook.
    So, even tho’ the Chief and I arent facebook frens someone must be feeding him my posts.
    Which is okay with me.
    Anywho, the Chief is quite the contadiction, praying and singing before 25 or 30 other Chiefs.
    And, calling a respected veteran elder such as myself a Piece of Shit.
    My self esteem is such that I can handle to piece of shit insult.
    As my favorite cousin Irene says, “He makes my ass laugh.”

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